Fuel Cell Tester

ADT is focusing the capabilities of EV solutions and Fuel cell solutions in accordance with the global market needs and prospects for eco-friendly vehicles. As part of this, EV EOL tester development and product production were successfully completed, and contracted and delivered to major global automakers mass production lines and research centers.
In addition, integrated fuel cell solutions are being developed, and we are concentrating our capabilities on the development of over 100kw PEM stack activation and EOL Test machine according to the needs of global automakers.

Over 100kW PEMFC Stack Activation and EOL Test Machine

  • Features and Options
    • Approximate power range: 10-100kW (available to ~150kW)
    • Integrated fuel cell diagnostics system
    • Cell stack voltage monitoring system
    • Humidification system
    • Gas flow control system using digital mass flow controllers
    • Stack coolant system
    • Integrated DAQ system
    • Fully automation