Battery Pack Tester

Battery Pack Tester

EH/PHEV용 배터리 팩을 검사하기 위한 장비 입니다.

BMS 통신기능,충방전,계측기를 포함한 통합 시스템을 갖추고 있으며 라인용 Full automation 설비 및 QC/Pilot 컨셉의 설비 보유하고 있습니다.

  • Test Item
  • Battery Pack Assembly In-line Test Bench
    • Connectivity Test
    • Isolation Test
      • - HV/LV Terminal Insulation Resistance
      • - Ground Isolation
      • - Shield Impedance
      • - Hi-Pot Test
    • BMS CAN Communication Test
      • - Cell and Pack Voltage/Temperature
      • - Contactor Characterization
      • - Diagnostic Trouble and Fault Mode Test
    • Pre-charging
    • Air Leak Test for Coolant Connection
      • Battery Pack Assembly EOL Test Bench
      • CC/CV/CP
      • Performance Tests (Capacity Test, Charge/Discharge/Rest)
      • Voltage Stability Test, Internal Isolation Measuring Function Test
      • DATA Transfer to Server and MES

General Specification about Battery Pack Tester

Max. Efficiency 96.70%
Min. Efficiency 96.00%
Max. PV Power 275kWp
Max. permissible DC voltage 1000 V
Max. permissible DC current 525A
Voltage ripple < 0.05% (Standard)
Current ripple < 0.05% (Standard
Internal consumption in operation < 1% of Rated power
Internal consumption in stand-by < approx. 100W